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Traffic Detection Products

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor V. Side-fire radar detects out to 200 feet. Accurately monitors up to 8 lanes of traffic.

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor HD. SmartSensor HD combines increased transmission bandwidth with an advanced signal generation technology to produce a more stable, more accurate radar.

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor Advance. SmartSensor Advance’s detection range offers more comprehensive protection of the entire approach, not just isolated zones.

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor Matrix. The SmartSensor™ Matrix is a first-of-its-kind stop bar presence detector designed for use at signalized intersections to detect vehicles with the reliability of radar and with all the advantages of non-intrusive detection.

Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System. Installed beneath roadway pavement, the Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System allows you to capture a variety of traffic data critical for making better-informed traffic management decisions.

TrafficCast BlueTOAD™. TrafficCast's BlueTOAD™ delivers the granular data and communications flexibility agencies need. From measuring travel times on alternate routes, to capturing driver behaviors at intersections, and even to aggregate data from multiple monitoring devices for cost-effective backhaul to operations centers, BlueTOAD is the essential tool for intelligent transportation.


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