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30003 Cable

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Canoga™ 30003 Home-run Cable is a small-diameter, shielded, four-conductor, controlled capacitance cable designed for interconnecting Canoga™ 702 Non-invasive Microloop™ Sensors, Canoga™ 701 Microloop™ Sensors or inductive loops to Canoga™ Traffic Monitoring Cards or Canoga™ C900 Series Vehicle Detectors. The cable has four #18 AWG colored-coded conductors. The conductors are spirally laid and enclosed in an aluminized polyester shield, which is located inside a polyethylene jacket.


  • Small size: Four-conductor cable of less than 1/4-inch (0.6 cm) diameter

  • Chemical resistant and waterproof: UV stable, black, high-density polyethylene jacket rated to exceed 600 volts

  • Permits direct burial, ideal for advanced detection applications or conduit installations

  • Shielded: Aluminized polyester shield protects against electromagnetic interference

  • Waterblocked, cable interior is filled with a water-blocking material

  • Low cable inductance, long home-run distance—up to 2,500 feet (762 m)

  • Four-conductors, reducing the number of cables needed


GTT Canoga™ 30003 Cable

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