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701 Microloops

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The Canoga™  701 Microloop is a transducer that converts changes in the vertical component of the earth’s magnetic field to changes in inductance. Vehicles containing vertical components of ferromagnetic material “focus” the earth’s field, increasing the magnetic field at the sensor when vehicles move over the sensor. Changes in inductance can be sensed by a Canoga™ traffic monitoring card or a Canoga™ C922 or C924 vehicle detector suitably configured for the sensor.


  • Installs in a 1-inch (2.5 cm) diameter hole drilled into the road surface

  • Replaces inductive loops for presence and passage detection

  • Ideal for use in poor pavement conditions, brick or cobblestone surfaces

  • Can be installed under most bridge decks

  • Low inductance, allowing 4 Microloop sensors connected in series to one detection channel

  • Reliable, unaffected by temperature changes, water, snow, ice or pavement deterioration

  • Accurate, closely spaced vehicles are detected and adjacent lane vehicles rejected


GTT Canoga™ 701 Mircoloops

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