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9004 Loop Detector Card

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The Canoga™ 9004 Vehicle Detector measures vehicle presence, count and roadway occupancy with industry-leading accuracy and reliability through superior inductive vehicle detection. The Canoga™ 9004 is a four-channel vehicle detector designed to meet U.S. control cabinet rack standards. The Canoga™ 9004 may be configured and monitored using GTT’s Central Management Software (CMS).


  • Two independent ports are available for local and remote communications

  • Single loop speed and count capability

  • Tuning Range 20 to 2,500 microhenries

  • Frequency setting self-tuning frequency adjustment

  • Loop or Micro-loop operation

  • Up to eight frequency settings per channel

  • Internal Loop Diagnostics

  • Channel by Channel Programmability

  • Four channels on a single width card

  • Home run length 2500′

  • Stores last 50 faults


GTT Canoga™ 9004 Detector Card

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