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Multimode technology allows complete interoperability between IR and GPS components. The Opticom™ Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) sends a signal to the Opticom™ GPS radio antenna or IR emitter, which then transmits the preemption request via 2.4GHz radio or infrared light to the Opticom™ intersection receiver/detector.

In this blended system, emergency and transit vehicles with different Opticom™ technologies seamlessly activate the preemption systems in their own or adjacent regions. This allows for a full GPS implementation while maintaining existing IR infrastructure.  GTT and Advanced Traffic Products understand the importance of public budgets and offer solutions that protect previous investments while maximizing return on investment for the future.


  • Using powerful and precise algorithms, the Opticom™ Multimode Phase Selector manages both IR detectors and GPS antenna communications for safe preemption across both technologies

  • When paired with Opticom™ CMS, software and firmware can be updated automatically

  • The Opticom™ Multimode Phase Selector can perform diagnostics and performance measurements across both IR and GPS technologies


GTT Opticom™ EVP GPS
GTT Opticom™ EVP IR
GTT Opticom™ TSP GPS
GTT Opticom™ TSP IR

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