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Opticom™ GPS

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Opticom™ GPS uses global positioning system (GPS) technology and highly secure radio communications to provide unique, precise control that anticipates an emergency or transit vehicle’s movement and allows them to reach their destinations quickly and safely. Designed for efficient installation, it uses radio transmission and GPS positioning to avoid line-of-sight conflicts for safer, more efficient signal preemption, even around corners.


  • Activate signal preemption based on estimated time of arrival (ETA) or distance

  • Manage authorization automatically based on vehicle priority and first come, first served

  • Accommodate hills, curves and extended distances without additional detectors

  • Reduced material and installation costs

  • Central Management Software (CMS), allows traffic management to effectively manage intersections remotely

  • Emergency agencies can preempt signals for one or more directions of traffic when leaving the station from the Opticom IntelliGreen unit


GTT Opticom™ EVP GPS
GTT Opticom™ TSP GPS

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