Wavetronix Radar Detection

About Wavetronix

Wavetronix is the manufacturer of the SmartSensor range of radar traffic detection products.  For over 20 years Wavetronix has been making highways safer and traffic detection systems more accurate. The sensors are engineered and manufactured at their 2020 state-of-the-art campus in Springville, Utah. Wavetronix provides true high-definition radar detection systems worldwide.

Wavetronix Products We Supply

Stop Bar Detection

Wavetronix stop bar detection uses industry-leading radar technology to manage traffic efficiently and safely at signalized intersections.

Dilemma Zone & Truck Priority

The dilemma zone is the moment when the signal turns yellow, leaving the driver in a dilemma whether to apply the brakes or accelerate. Wavetronix’s SmartSensors provides a trusted solution to address this dangerous issue.

Freeway, Ramp Metering & Arterial Solutions

Wavetronix has been developing freeway, ramp metering and arterial solutions for over 20 years and their SmartSensors are essential in complying with Federal Highway Administration guidelines.

High Accuracy, Low Maintenance Radar

Wavetronix innovative radar detection technology offers a low cost, low maintenance solution with superior accuracy and durability. SmartSensors above-ground detection avoids the installation and maintenance challenges of loops.

Interface Devices

Click connectivity devices enable communications and ensure compatibility between Wavetronix devices and existing systems. Advanced Traffic Products adds the local expertise and knowledge needed to optimize performance and integrate Wavetronix Click connectivity devices into various systems.

Innovative Traffic Solutions for Over 30 Years