Tomar Optical Preemption & Priority Control System

TOMAR Electronics, Inc. is a pioneering, family-owned and operated business providing signaling, illumination, and right-of-way enhancing products in the industrial and emergency industries which serve government, public, and private communities. TOMAR is committed to protecting people, property, and budgets through solutions which clear the way for safer, more sustainable environments


TOMAR’s STROBECOM II. Innovative Optical Preemption System

TOMAR’s STROBECOM II Detectors offers an industry-first technology which provides real-time Traffic Preemption notification and system-analysis to vehicle operators at time of the Preemption Event. This cutting-edge approach to Optical Traffic Preemption saves install time, money, and most of, all, could help to save lives.

TOMAR STROBECOM II Optical Traffic Preemption Emitters

Optical emitters provide emergency vehicle preemption or transit priority at upcoming traffic signal intersections and gated entries.  Reducing response times in order to save lives and/or property in a proven, efficient & affordable way.

  1. Providing high-priority or right-of-way for emergency vehicles at properly equipped intersections
  2. Providing low-priority or sustained-green for transit vehicles at properly equipped intersections
  3. Remote access to gated entries (such as those controlled by TOMAR’s Strobeswitch

TOMAR Strobeswitch

TOMAR STROBESWITCH™ works like an emergency unlock feature for restricted or gate-accessed properties. It allows first responders to open a locked automatic gate as they approach and without having to exit their vehicle.

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