Detector Loop Sealant 5000

3M™ detector loop sealant encapsulates, insulates and protects the wires of a detector loop from the effects of the harsh roadway environment. In temperature extremes, it retains flexibility, continuously protecting loop wires to prevent loop failures.


  • Saves application time, no need to measure, mix or heat and no smoothing is required

  • Sealant can be applied on crowned or sloped roadways. It will not run to low spots

  • Outstanding protection, loop wires are held in position and completely contained in a tough, flexible, rubber cocoon

  • Reduced maintenance, cures with a smooth surface and will not shrink

  • Long-lasting, will not become brittle

  • Natural curing with moisture in the environment

  • Temperature stable, won’t degrade in high temperatures or fracture at temperatures as low as -40F

  • Roadway compatibility, can be used with either concrete or asphalt

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