iNS iNavigator Ped Station

The iNS iNavigator is the standard for the next generation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals, incorporating the latest technology in power line and wireless communication. The iNS iNavigator features secure wireless connectivity via Bluetooth® and WIFI for convenience in configuring and maintaining crosswalk pedestrians push button stations. It is also available with the iDetect feature for touchless activation.


  • iNS2 works with both the 2-wire iCCU Central Comm System and 3-wire iPHCU3S Ped Head Control System

  • Both systems can now sync wirelessly via Bluetooth to extend call range

  • Can be ordered with the iDetect touchless activation feature 

  • Bluetooth 5 — more speed, range and app capabilities

  • Modular speaker design with front and rear sound

  • Backwards compatible with the iN iNavigator

  • Works with PedApp™ — Polara’s exclusive pedestrian smartphone application

  • APS connectivity, accessibility and confidence with independent lab testing (NEMA TS2, temperature, humidity, mechanical-shock-vibration, transient surge)

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