Priority Control Systems

Advanced Traffic Products is proud to collaborate with industry frontrunners Tomar and Applied Information to deliver cutting-edge, innovative solutions for emergency and transit vehicle preemption.

Tomar Optical Preemption & Priority Control System

TOMAR’s STROBECOM II Detectors offers an industry-first technology which provides real-time Traffic Preemption notification and system-analysis to vehicle operators at time of the Preemption Event.  This cutting-edge approach to Optical Traffic Preemption saves install time, money, and most of, all, could help to save lives. 100% compatible with all existing infrared systems

Applied Information

The Glance™ Priority and Preemption suite of products makes it easier and safer for emergency vehicles to reach citizens in need by clearing the traffic ahead of them, giving them green lights at intersections, and bringing all other traffic safely to a halt. Patented cellular GPS System.

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