SmartSensor Advance Extended Range

SmartSensor Advance Extended Range bridges the gap between safety and efficiency. Advance continuously tracks each vehicle’s speed, range and estimated time-of-arrival to the stop bar, and then provides intelligent signal extension to each vehicle. If a vehicle doesn’t need signal extension, then the Advance finds gaps in traffic to allow for phases to be terminated without compromising safety. SmartSensor Advance Extended Range tracks semi-trucks and other high-profile vehicles up to a range of 900 feet, providing truck priority protection. This range is greater than most video detection systems and more effective than the single-zone detection offered by loops.

SmartSensor Advance Extended Range does more than simulate loops, it sees the entire approach and continuously monitors each vehicle’s speed and location, providing dynamic dilemma zone protection. A single SmartSensor Advance is like having a series of contiguous loops, adjusting in real-time based on each vehicle’s speed, range and ETA. This provides dilemma zone protection to all vehicles, including semi-trucks and larger profile vehicles, making intersections safer.


  • Easily installed above the roadway

  • Performs in all weather conditions

  • Continuously tracks each vehicle’s speed and ETA to stop bar within the dilemma zone

  • Queue detection for safe gap outs

  • Up to 900 feet of dilemma zone protection for semi-trucks and larger profile vehicles

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